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Building and Construction Lawyers Adelaide

Over 50 years experience in providing building and construction legal services and advice to business.

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    “Randle & Taylor and Nick McCabe have been my solicitors for over 20 years. As a conveyancer of some 38 years and sole practitioner I work with many lawyers. Randle &Taylor have always provided me with good advice and strong representation when required still caring for me as an individual and additionally to clients I have referred for assistance. I would trust Randle & Taylor in all matters to look after me and my family and I highly recommend them and their services.”

    T White, Conveyancer


    “As a Chartered Accountant and Liquidator I have engaged the services of Randle & Taylor on many different types of commercial and personal matters for over thirty years. I found them to be always knowledgeable, competent and professional. They will take the time to explain complex matters to you and resolve complex matter efficiently. I have also used the services of John Taylor as a mediator. He is a very skilful mediator whose unique set of skills have resulted in successful outcomes for both parties. I would strongly recommend Randle & Taylor for any business or personal matter.”

    AC Matthews, Chartered Accountant and Liquidator


    “Randle & Taylor have acted for me for a number of years. I have always found them to be professional and knowledgeable and they have provided me with legal advice which is commercial and in my best interest. I have always found their staff to be friendly and will continue to engage their services in the future.”

    P Agostinelli, Business Owner

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    Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Adelaide: 204-206 Carrington St, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 (view in Google Maps).

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    Building and Construction Lawyers Adelaide

    Randle & Taylor Barristers and Solicitors are a specialist building and construction law firm based in Adelaide. We have proudly served South Australia since 1970.  

    Our team are expert building and construction lawyers who provide practical legal advice and representation.

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    Proudly serving South Australia since 1970

    Building and Construction Disputes

    We know that when it comes to construction disputes, a fast resolution often helps to keep your project to a better schedule that is less costly.

    Some of the services we offer include:

    • Preparation and registration of Workers’ Liens and Caveats
    • Advice on Building Contracts
    • Advice on Building and Construction disputes in relation to the quality of building work and unpaid building work
    • Advice on disputes in relation to the cost of having an alternate builder or tradesman repair defects to a builder or tradesman’s work
    • Drafting Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Land
    • Drafting Form 1’s for the Sale and Purchase of Land
    • Advice in relation to disputes with tradesmen
    • Construction litigation and construction disputes.
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    Why Choose Us?

    Randle & Taylor’s expertise and experience allows us to offer you the following:

    Building and Construction FAQs

    Construction disputes often arise because people do not get legal advice before signing a building contract and people do not have an understanding of the unique nature of a building contract.

    You should hire a construction lawyer before you sign a contract to build with a construction firm.

    Disputes arise because people do not understand what construction contracts mean and how they work in practice prior to signing the contract.

    Construction disputes may also arise due to a builder’s failure to complete the building or construction project in accordance with the owner’s expectations. 

    You can resolve a construction dispute by complying with the dispute resolution clause in the contract.  Alternatively, mediation or issuing proceedings in court can also resolve a construction dispute.

    You should be careful making complaints against a builder because you do not want to be sued for defamation or causing a builder economic loss.  This would only make a difficult situation worse.  You should seek legal advice before making a complaint against a builder.

    Our team of experienced construction litigation lawyers have experience in providing dispute resolution services to various parties such as the client, developers, builders, contractors, sub-contractors, and other stakeholders. Construction litigation refers to the process of taking legal action to resolve building and construction disputes, usually after other methods of dispute resolution have failed, such as mediation or negotiation. Construction litigation usually commences because disagreements and non-compliance to the construction contract continue to occur. This results in one party taking legal action against the other party. Contact us today for a no obligation initial 15 minute consultation with one of our litigation experts.

    Randle & Taylor Barristers & Solicitors provide legal advice in a variety of areas including contract law, family law, sales of business, drafting agreements, wills and estates, debt collection, property law, commercial and residential leases and commercial litigation.

    Our fees are competitive with other firms in South Australia

    Building and Construction Lawyers Adelaide

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