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Over 50 years experience in collecting debts throughout Adelaide and South Australia. If you’re looking for expert debt recovery lawyers, please get in touch with us today.

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    Customer Reviews


    “Randle & Taylor and Nick McCabe have been my solicitors for over 20 years. As a conveyancer of some 38 years and sole practitioner I work with many lawyers. Randle &Taylor have always provided me with good advice and strong representation when required still caring for me as an individual and additionally to clients I have referred for assistance. I would trust Randle & Taylor in all matters to look after me and my family and I highly recommend them and their services.”

    T White, Conveyancer


    “As a Chartered Accountant and Liquidator I have engaged the services of Randle & Taylor on many different types of commercial and personal matters for over thirty years. I found them to be always knowledgeable, competent and professional. They will take the time to explain complex matters to you and resolve complex matter efficiently. I have also used the services of John Taylor as a mediator. He is a very skilful mediator whose unique set of skills have resulted in successful outcomes for both parties. I would strongly recommend Randle & Taylor for any business or personal matter.”

    AC Matthews, Chartered Accountant and Liquidator


    “Randle & Taylor have acted for me for a number of years. I have always found them to be professional and knowledgeable and they have provided me with legal advice which is commercial and in my best interest. I have always found their staff to be friendly and will continue to engage their services in the future.”

    P Agostinelli, Business Owner

    Debt collection Adelaide

    Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Adelaide: 204-206 Carrington St, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 (view in Google Maps).

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    Debt Recovery lawyers

    Randle & Taylor Barristers and Solicitors are a leading Adelaide commercial law firm, specialising in debt collection. We have proudly served South Australia since 1970. If you start with Randle & Taylor unlike a debt collection agency you will not be sent elsewhere if the matter needs to proceed to court action.

    Some of the debt recovery services we offer include:

    • Personalised approach to debt recovery
    • Fixed price fee for Letters of Demand
    • Reduced fees for multiple (five or more) Notices of Demand
    • Fixed price fee for a Final Notice pursuant to Rule 62.1 of the Uniform Civil Rules 2020
    • Searches to ascertain whether a debtor has the ability to pay your debt
    • Statutory Demands for the Payment of Debt
    • Bankruptcy Notice pursuant to the Bankruptcy Act 1966
    • Applications to wind up debtor companies in the Supreme Court of South Australia or the Federal Court of Australia
    • Drafting your business terms and conditions to reduce your bad debts by improving your chances of recovering your debts
    • Field Calls to find out when a debt is going to be paid.

    We’ve helped thousands of Adelaide businesses to collect overdue debt. Contact us today for a no obligation initial 15 minute consultation with one of our legal experts.

    Proudly serving South Australia since 1970

    Collect Overdue Debt

    As a legal firm, unlike debt collection agencies, we are able to offer a full range of debt recovery services from Letters of Demand to enforcing a judgment debt.  If you start with Randle & Taylor unlike a debt collection agency you will not be sent elsewhere if the matter needs to proceed to court action.    

    • Letters of Demand
    • Final Notice under the Uniform Civil Rules 2020
    • Field call at the Debtor’s premises to ascertain when the debt will be paid
    • Statutory Demand for Payment of Debts pursuant to Section 459E of the Corporations Act 2001
    • Bankruptcy Notices pursuant to the Bankruptcy Act 1966
    • Applications to wind up companies for the non-payment of debt
    • Issuing of a court action for the recovery of debts.
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    Why Choose Us?

    Randle & Taylor’s expertise and experience allows us to offer you the following:

    Debt Collection FAQs

    Debt recovery lawyers take the animosity and stress away from recovering your debts.  As specialists in debt recovery we have heard of many of the excuses that non paying debtors come up with to avoid paying your accounts. 

    The debt collection process involves creditors or collection agencies pursuing unpaid debts. It typically begins with notifications to debtors, followed by reminders and negotiations. 

    If unsuccessful, legal action may be taken, resulting in a court judgment. 

    Debt collection agencies and debt recovery lawyers can also assist. Unpaid debts can harm a debtor’s credit score. Debt settlement may be an option.

    From our experience the sooner you take steps to start the debt collection process, the better the outcome for you. 

    Creditors may pursue debt recovery via the formal court process, depending on the debt’s size. Debts under $100,000 are handled by the Magistrates Court of SA, while those exceeding $100,000 are addressed in the District Court of SA. Prior to legal action, creditors must provide notice of their intent to initiate a lawsuit.

    Randle & Taylor offers fixed fees for both Letters of Demand and Final Notices pursuant to Rule 62.1 of the Uniform Civil Rules 2020. 

    Randle & Taylor has an association with a licensed investigation firm who are experienced in making field calls to companies and individuals who do not pay their debts and we can organise a field call for you to ascertain when your debt is to be paid.  We find this to be a cost effective way of recovering debts.   

    If Randle & Taylor believes that there is no reasonable basis upon which the debtor is not paying your debt we will act for you on the basis that if the matter proceeds to court we will charge you in accordance with the Court’s scale of fees payable so as to maximise to the extent possible your chances of recovering from the debtor if fees and disbursements associated with recovering your debt.

    If you’re looking for a debt collection agency in Adelaide, please get in touch with us today

    The time depends upon how and if the debtor defends the claim for payment.  Sometimes one letter is sufficient.  Other times debts are defended throughout the court process including an appeal.

    Randle & Taylor Barristers & Solicitors provide legal advice in a variety of areas including contract law, family law, sales of business, drafting agreements, wills and estates, building and construction lawproperty lawcommercial and residential leases and commercial litigation.

    Our fees are competitive with other firms in South Australia

    Debt Collection Adelaide

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