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Debt Collection Letter

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If you need help chasing a debt, we can help with a debt collection letter of demand that is expertly crafted to prompt action and resolution.

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    What is a Debt Collection Letter?

    A debt collection letter is done by way of a Final Notice filed with the Magistrates Court if there is no genuine dispute as to the debt. It is a formal written communication sent by a creditor or a collection agency to a debtor who has not fulfilled their financial obligations. 

    The letter serves as a notice to remind the debtor of the outstanding debt and requests prompt payment or an arrangement for settlement. The purpose of such letters is to communicate the urgency of resolving the debt and must adhere to legal and ethical guidelines.

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    Debt Collection Letter of Demand

    We provide a wide range of trusted, professional and specialised debt collection legal services. These include:

    • Writing and sending an effective Final Notice
    • Starting court proceedings
    • Filing and serving a claim.

    Randle & Taylor can advise you on a range of debt collection issues, having assisted South Australians to resolve disputes for approximately 50 years.

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    Debt Collection Letter FAQs

    A letter of debt collection, also known as a Final Notice, tells your debtor (a business or an individual) how much they owe you, what for and when they need to pay the invoice. It often also includes a warning that you’ll be taking legal action if the debt is not paid by a particular date.

    No, ignoring a debt collection letter or Final Notice is not a good idea. Ignoring or avoiding a debt collector is unlikely to make the debt collector stop contacting you and it certainly won’t make the debt go away. If you ignore the letter, the collector may find other ways to contact you, and may even file a lawsuit. The best thing you can do is respond to the letter and try to work out a payment plan.

    A debt collection letter can hurt your credit.  You should contact a lawyer urgently if you dispute the debt.

    If you get a letter from a debt collector it means you have failed to pay an outstanding debt. Receiving a letter of demand is the first step in the collection process that could lead to a lawsuit being filed against you to collect the debt if you do not make efforts to pay it.

    In short, no, you should not use a free online template. Utilising a template for a debt collection letter sourced from the internet and modifying it on your own carries inherent risks. Such templates are not tailored to your specific circumstances and might lack crucial components necessary for safeguarding your business because there are specific legal requirements which need to be adhered to to recover debts.

    Opting for a lawyer to draft your letter of demand is the most prudent approach to guarantee maximum protection for your business.

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