Julia Grigonis Gore

Julia Grigonis-Gore


Julia has recently joined the Randle & Taylor team after gaining experience working as a Law Clerk in private practice and as a Legal Research Officer at the Youth Court of South Australia. 

She has a Bachelor of Laws / Health Sciences and a Diploma in Languages (Chinese), which means she can communicate well in the Mandarin language and written Chinese. Julia has developed a strong and diverse knowledge of the law. She will always rise to a challenge and is excellent at managing competing demands. Julia demonstrates a strong work ethic and positive outlook, approaching her work with determination, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

She has developed a deep respect for and interest in the law and is eager to assist clients to the very best of her abilities during the conduct of a legal matter. 

Julia has an in-depth knowledge of written and oral advocacy and has a particular interest in evidence and procedure. This provides a strong basis for future Court work and advocacy in the commercial context. 

Julia has also worked as an English Assistant throughout her tertiary studies and is proficient in the Chinese language, having studied the language at secondary and tertiary level for 9 years and taking an elective in translation as part of her Diploma studies. 

As part of her role at Randle & Taylor, Julia is focused on commercial work and litigation. In her spare time, Julia is an avid reader and music fan who enjoys watching foreign-language films with family and friends.