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    Customer Reviews


    “Randle & Taylor and Nick McCabe have been my solicitors for over 20 years. As a conveyancer of some 38 years and sole practitioner I work with many lawyers. Randle &Taylor have always provided me with good advice and strong representation when required still caring for me as an individual and additionally to clients I have referred for assistance. I would trust Randle & Taylor in all matters to look after me and my family and I highly recommend them and their services.”

    T White, Conveyancer


    “As a Chartered Accountant and Liquidator I have engaged the services of Randle & Taylor on many different types of commercial and personal matters for over thirty years. I found them to be always knowledgeable, competent and professional. They will take the time to explain complex matters to you and resolve complex matter efficiently. I have also used the services of John Taylor as a mediator. He is a very skilful mediator whose unique set of skills have resulted in successful outcomes for both parties. I would strongly recommend Randle & Taylor for any business or personal matter.”

    AC Matthews, Chartered Accountant and Liquidator


    “Randle & Taylor have acted for me for a number of years. I have always found them to be professional and knowledgeable and they have provided me with legal advice which is commercial and in my best interest. I have always found their staff to be friendly and will continue to engage their services in the future.”

    P Agostinelli, Business Owner

    Litigation lawyers Adelaide

    Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Adelaide: 204-206 Carrington St, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 (view in Google Maps).

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    Commercial Lawyers Adelaide

    Randle & Taylor Barristers and Solicitors are a leading corporate litigation and commercial law firm based in Adelaide. We have proudly served South Australia since 1970 and pride ourselves on a strong, practical approach to solving a range of commercial disputes and legal issues. Some of the litigation services we offer include:

    • Representation in relation to all civil disputes in all South Australian Courts
    • Disputes in relation to misleading and deceptive conduct in breach of the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010
    • Debt recovery services including pre-action notices pursuant to the Uniform Civil Rules 2020
    • Registration of  Caveats at the Land Titles Office to protect your interest in land
    • Issue proceedings pursuant to the Workers Liens Act 1893
    • Partnership disputes
    • Company disputes and disputes between directors and shareholders of companies

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    Proudly serving South Australia since 1970

    Commercial Litigation: How We Help

    Randle & Taylor Barristers and Solicitors offer personal, practical and strong representation when required. 

    Our specialist litigation lawyers can assist you with:

    Commercial/Contract disputes

    We can provide you advice in relation to your rights in relation to any contract or agreement. Disputes in relation to contracts are avoided or reduced by seeking our advice in relation to the drafting of contracts or agreements prior to them being signed. 

    Property disputes

    We can advise on contracts of the sale of land, disputes in relation to the sale and purchase of land, and almost any dispute as it relates to land and/or your personal property. 

    > Find out more about property litigation here.

    Providing mediation, arbitration and negotiation services

    The law in South Australia requires parties to try and resolve disputes before they proceed to Court by the issuing of pre-action notices and pre-action meetings designed to try and resolve disputes before they proceed to Court. We can assist you with pre-action procedures. 

    John Taylor is a qualified mediator having vast experience in all areas of commercial law, having mediated many disputes. John offers a half day mediation which is a cost effective way often to resolve any commercial dispute.

    Litigation specialists

    Why Choose Us?

    Randle & Taylor’s expertise and experience allows us to offer you the following:

    Commercial Litigation FAQs

    Commercial litigation is a dispute between businesses where one party issues proceedings in a court against another party or parties. Randle & Taylor are specialists in civil litigation with more than 50 years experience in this area. 

    Common types of business disputes which result in commercial litigation include building and construction disputes, contract disputes, intellectual property litigation, debt recovery, insolvency disputes, and many more.

    Yes, there are alternatives to commercial litigation. There is an informal settlement conference or pre-action meeting where the parties attend a meeting in person with one of our solicitors to try and resolve a dispute before it proceeds to commercial litigation. 

    Mediation is a process where an experienced third party, known as the mediator, acts as an impartial person or umpire to assist the parties to resolve their dispute. 

    Normally the parties share the expense equally of the mediator. In our experience mediation is successful at resolving disputes at least 80% of the time. It is much more affordable than litigation. 

    The cost of litigation is almost impossible to estimate because it depends upon how hard your opponent or your fight and how much time you require us to spend on your matter. After you have provided us with the details of your dispute we will provide you with an estimate of the costs of the litigation. We are required by law to give you updates as to the costs of the litigation.

    In short, the main difference between a dispute and litigation is that litigation is a legal process presented in court, whereas a dispute can be settled through a private process involving a neutral mediator.

    If you are being sued, the first thing you need to do is to immediately seek legal advice because if you do not act urgently your opponent could obtain a judgment in a court against you without further notice and then enforce it against you and your rights could be affected.

    Randle & Taylor Barristers & Solicitors provide legal advice in a variety of areas including contract law, family law, sales of business, building and construction law, conveyancing, drafting agreements, wills and estates, estate litigation, debt collectionproperty law, residential leases and commercial litigation.

    Our fees are competitive with other firms in South Australia

    Leading Litigation Lawyers in Adelaide

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